Faith, her story

My name is Faith Mulongo Mwahanje. I was born in the year 1988 in April, I come from Kwale county, a place called Kinango. I am the third born in a family of five children.
I went through primary school in Kinango. I finished primary school in 2001 and just like any child in Kenya I wanted to proceed with my education. I have two elder brothers who back then were in high school. My mother is a simple primary school teacher and in Kenya their pay is not good. One cannot easily support yourself and a family with the little pay you get from the government.
Joining secondary school was not an easy thing for me. My father has lost his job and we were only depending on our mother for all the basic needs and education. At that moment ( 2002) I was almost giving up on going to school. My mother had so many loans and could not borrow from anywhere.
My mother’s friends and neighbours decided to assist us with some old text books and other things that I needed to join school. Some other friends of my family contributed money for me to buy school uniform and other necessities.


My mother had decided to take me to Matuga girls, the school that I had be called after my primary education. She however decided to talk to the principal that we were having some financial challenges and that she would have to bear with our poor payment of fees.
The Principal promised that she would try see if I would get sponsorship through a group formed then ( Verkaart).
I was lucky because in October 2002 I met Betty Straatman, my sponsor, at the Alliance Safari hotel at the Diani.
Back then I was only 13 years old and was very small and shy too. We had a great time because that day was a girl’s day. We met so many other girls from other schools like the WAA girls and the girls from Shimba Hills.
We ate good food and even took a walk at the beach.
October 2002, my live changed, I never knew that was the beginning of a better life and future too.
My mother and the entire family was very delighted of the news that I had found a sponsor who would pay my entire fees throughout the four years in high school. My only task at school was to study hard and get good results which I did send to my sponsor every time I did exams.
I finishes my high school education in 2005 and I was wondering what I would do. I did not like the idea of staying at home idle as I wait to find money to go to college. As I was wondering I was informed of the project where girls were volunteering to primary school. I went to Banga Primary school in 2006 and I started teaching there as I waited for the results of the exam I had sat for in 2005.
At the Banga primary the students were very big. Some were much elder then me and stronger. At first life was difficult. At Banga there was little water and quite far from home. I had to get a small room with a little matress and e few utensils so that I didn’t have to go homme every day. The boys of the school at times were very stubborn and naughty. But the other teachers of the school would help me discipline them.
My stay at Banga was good. With time the women group begun to like me and the students too. I was happy because through my stay I was to help one girl who had finished primary school get a sponsor who helped her through secondary school and also through the teacher college. I am happy because today she is a primary school teacher.
I still meet some of the children I taught at the Banga Primary school and they say they are grateful that I was able to teach them.
In 2008 through Betty, I joined Kibabii Diploma teacher’s college in Bungoma Kenya. There I did my diploma in teaching at a high school. I finished my course in 2010.
Currently I am a teacher and employed. Like everyone else I always wanted to help someone someday. At the moment though I am not paying for people that we aren’t related but I can proudly say I manage to pay my little brothers fees in high school and my sister’s college fees for her diploma. Above all I also talk to the girls I teach and interact with on importance of education.
I still hope and dream that someday I will go back to school and get the masters that I have always wished for.
Thanks to my sponsor Betty and all the members of Watoto Kenya for the support you keep giving to the black child. For all your projects both educational and economic we are grateful and so proud of you. God bless You.
Faith MulongoFaith11